Nishadi Gunatilake

Nishadi Gunatilake

Nov 30, 2022
இலங்கையில் போக்குவரத்து வேகமற்றது, வேதனை தருவது

தகுதி வினைத்திறன் என எதுவுமற்ற பணிச்சுமை மிகுந்த இலங்கையின் போக்குவரத்து முறைமைகள் தொடர்பானதோர் அலசல்.

Oct 17, 2022
From currency board to Chinese loans, How accurate are the claims about Sri Lanka’s economic crisis?

Sri Lanka is currently going through the worst economic crisis since its independence and defaulted foreign debt repayment in April 2022. This crisis is the result of a series of policy mishaps that have steadily weakened the economy over the last few decades. Decisions made contrary to the advice of experts in 2020 and 2022 exposed the extent of the damage. Consequently, the country was compelled to default its debt and seek IMF support. While there roots of the crisis constitute long lasting policy and governance issues, certain global ‘experts’ and politicians have offered their own takes on Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. We’ve had a comprehensive look at some of these claims and laid the facts out here.

Sep 24, 2022
Gota Go, Gota Gone — Sri Lanka’s Bastille Moment

As Sri Lanka trundled into its worst economic crisis since Independence - partly due to corruption, terrible policies, vampiric politicians, and mismanagement - the public rose with one main demand: for its reigning (former) President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa to leave immediately. In this piece, we follow the birth of the protests, the runaway ex-President, and what it all led to.

Sep 24, 2022
ගෝඨා එලවීම සහ ගෝඨාගේ නික්ම යාම - ශ්‍රී ලංකාවෙ ඓතිහාසික මහජන නැගිටීම

මෙම ලිපිය ජනාධිපති ගෝඨාභය රාජපක්ෂ බලයෙන් පහකිරීමේ අරමුණින් ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ විරෝධතා ආරම්භ වූ ආකාරය, එය සිදු වූ ආකාරය සහ එය හේතු වූයේ කුමක්ද යන්නයි.

Aug 28, 2022
ඔට්ටමාවාඩි සැනසුමක් අහිමි මළවුන්

මෙය කොවිඩ්-19 නිසා මියගිය අය සඳහා ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අනිවාර්ය ආදාහන ප්‍රතිපත්තිය සහ ඒ වටා ඇති භීතිකාව පිළිබඳ කතාවකි.

Aug 28, 2022
Oddamavadi: no rest for the dead

Two years ago, the government passed a compulsory cremation policy for those who died of COVID-19, with no clear reason for it other than xenophobia. After months of campaigning and pressure both locally and internationally, the gazette on the subject was revoked. Instead, families had to bury their dead in a far-flung village in the East, and supply funds and labour - despite the government sitting on billions raised by the Itukama fund.

Jun 23, 2022
හම්බන්තොට: පොහොර, ඉන්ධන සහ කෘතීම ව්‍යසනය

පොහොර තහනම ශ්‍රී ලංකාව පුරා ගොවීන්ට ඇති කල බලපෑම පිළිබඳ ලිපි පෙළක පළමු ලිපියයි මේ.

Jun 16, 2022
7-Billion Rupee Software: The Monstrous Idiocy of the SPC

What does the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation want, exactly? We read the documentation so you don’t have to. Welcome to one of the stupidest software requests we’ve seen.

Jun 09, 2022
Fertiliser - Broken Promises & Policy Blunders

Sri Lanka is facing its harshest food crisis in recent history. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s blanket ban on fertiliser can be attributed as the direct cause for this crisis. In this piece, we explore the history of the fertiliser subsidy, the timeline against which Sri Lanka’s fertiliser ban was set, the cost so far, and a glimpse into its impact.